Girl Power Be Active (GPBA)

Girl Power Be active (GPBA), is a project that supports both girls and woman to be active and enjoy being active.

About the Program:

Girl power be active (GPBA) is a project that runs for 9 weeks, supporting both girls and woman to be active, move more and lead a active and healthy lifestyles. By increasing levels of activity in lots of different fun and easy ways. We’ve also teamed up with a range of partners to help reach more woman and girl to be more active.

Why Get Involved?

  • Better flexibility and range of motion.
  • Increased blood circulation.
  • Increased muscle strength.
  • Better balance.
  • Less joint stiffness and pain.
  • Better concentration and elevated mood.
  • Lower levels of stress and anxiety.

Girl Power Be Active areas:

  • London, Haringey

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